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iPad Case & Holder for Kids

Posted by David  •  Jul 4th, 2011 10:10:16 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: No Music

iPad Case Holder for Kids

I have 3 kids, 2 of them that would love to have an iPad and 1 that still sees in shapes. (newborn).

I was thinking to myself today...what would be an ideal case for them?What would make me as an iPad owner feel ad-ease if they were to drop it or spill something on it. I came across 3 products by 3 separate companies that I feel would make the cut, but in no way have I tried any of there products. I have requested to all 3 companies a review unit, but I await a response. (contacted today)

1. iPad Case that can with stand a fall or drop.

2. iPad Case that can with stand a spill from milk, juice, or any other type of liquid

3. iPad Case that is at the same time still safe for a child.

Ok so is this asking for to much? Personally I thought it was, and it would shock me to think that if any of these products could with stand number 2. Well here we go, here are 3 iPad Case and Holders for Kids that I can suggest, but not recommend since I have not tried them myself.

1. iGuy Standing Cover for iPad and iPad 2 Fun, free-standing kid-friendly iPad and iPad 2 case Lightweight foam protection with plenty of personality Fits both iPad and iPad 2

2. Trident Kraken Hybrid Case for iPad iPad Unsurpassed Level of Protection Ergonomically Designed for Comfortable Hold Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare, Anti-Moisture Clear PET Screen Protector Anti-Dust Design with Dust and Silicone Covers for All Openings

3. Otterbox iPad 2 Defender Case OtterBox APL2-IPAD2 accommodates Apple iPad 2 INNER LAYER: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell, OUTER LAYER: Durable silicone skin Access for docking accessories through integrated dock door, Inner coring in silicone absorbs additional impact Memory foam pads cradle the iPad inside case and provide additional shock absorption Integrated shield fits on both back and front of case. Shield stand provides two angles for easy viewing and typing.

If I had to choose from the 3 it would have to be the Otterbox. Only because I have seen an iPhone encased in one, and run over by a SUV, but right now it is hard for me to make a recommendation since I have not tried any of them. Has anyone else?

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