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Kazaa Lite 2.43

Posted by David  •  Apr 13th, 2004 2:37:33 am - Subscribe | Mood: refreshed | Music: Zero 7 - Destiny

Kazaa Lite
Kazaa Lite (sometimes called 'K-Lite') is a Peer-to-Peer File Sharing application that does not contain any 'Spyware'. In actual fact, it is a modified version of the very popular Kazaa Media Desktop (often called the 'Original Kazaa' or 'KMD'), which is made by Sharman Networks. Both programs are very similar, with almost identical features and appearance. The main difference is that Kazaa Lite has been modified so that it does not have any of the so-called 'Spyware' and 'Adware' that comes with the Original Kazaa.

Kazaa Lite provides sharing of all kinds of media and software. It is a 'FastTrack' Client, which means it connects to the FastTrack P2P network system, just like some other popular file sharing programs like Kazaa, Grokster and iMesh. (And in the past also Morpheus, which now only connects to the Gnuttella network)

Kazaa Lite can download single files from multiple users to ensure you get the most efficient use of your bandwidth. They also resumes broken downloads or downloads that were in progress when you shut down your computer last. All-in-all, FastTrack is a very good, very powerful P2P system.

The authors of Kazaa Lite were concerned about the fact that the Original Kazaa contained unwanted third party software and wanted to be able to use it without that software. So a cleaned up version was made: Kazaa Lite!

Kazaa Lite is not a different program, it's the same program, just without all the additional software. We don't have any source code of the program. That makes is almost impossible to make big changes to the program or add new features. Nevertheless, we did succeed in making big improvements to the program by modifying some of it's machine-code, adding plugins and external utilities.

On December 7, 2003, the Kazaa Lite K++ project has been shut down by Sharman Networks.

Download Kazaa Lite 2.43

Kazaa Lite Resurrection:
Kazaa Lite Resurrection is a continuation of the popular Kazaa Lite K++ which was shut down by Sharman Networks. It is recommended that you uninstall any other versions of Kazaa before installing Kazaa Lite Resurrection.

Download Kazaa Lite Resurrection

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