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Left 4 Dead Zombie & Steam SKD Talk

Posted by David  •  Feb 25th, 2009 8:47:35 pm - Subscribe | Mood: excited | Music: Slick Shoes - So Much More

My talk with a fellow zombie fan. Here we are talking about the game Left for Dead, for more information on the game go to the website in the link below.

Creative210: hi its David aka Creative210 from the other night. Thanks for the games there.

ExGentleman: sure, man. my name is david too

Creative210: hah, awesome. Thanks for your techs on the way on beating that map on expert with out your help.
Creative210: Cheers*

ExGentleman: yeah, they're all tough on expert. just remember to stick to corners when you think you're gonna be surrounded soon. and try sticking to walls when you're walking

Creative210 best fuqing idea ever. yea. I usually wonder in the middle for access out of tight situations. but agreed, when there is a hoard coming at you its best to corner and check your angels. I wait for my members to reload, then I blast the shoty.

ExGentleman: even when you're running into a room/area to clear it out, find the nearest corner, blast your way to it and then camp there to clear the rest. better than just running in blind and you take a lot less damage, if any

Creative210: Another great idea, whats funny is I personally think 'real life', and I can tell you this I would never camp, but in L4D it's a must...for every 70% you shoot out...the other 30% belongs to camping and exploring.

ExGentleman: weird, i've thought about it too. my first reaction would be to camp, but the game offers the ability to know the horde is gonna stop coming at some point.
ExGentleman: in "real life" i'd just fucking run

Creative210: agreed, what do you think about the sound actions? Good for gamers, bad for real life action? Agreed? Can you imagine a horde coming for you with out warning? I think it would be awesome.

ExGentleman: It absolutely would make the game harder. It would be cool for Valve to offer a "super expert" mode at some point in a patch that takes out the music cues.

1-4-1 Zero music all enviromental sounds...perhaps even wildlife giving warnings, birds, deer, surviror screams, etc...they make it too easy for the non zombie mainstream fanatic.

ExGentleman: how do you do that? can it be reveresed easily?

ExGentleman: reversed

Creative210: Nopes, it would be a davidpolanco hack...(my last name is David Polanco) perhaps I can work with a team on this. I have experience in Half Life 2 SKD...that would be awesome if they released an SDK for L4D I would work hard on it.

ExGentleman: i think they are

Creative210: I created a map on my condo using HL2 SDK

ExGentleman: next patch/release from what i've heard. in the spring

Creative210: Epic. I will polish my skills in HL2 to perpare. I'm a big fan of zombie horror movies. It's nice to give back.

ExGentleman: same here. seen all the shitty ones. and the good ones. keep me up to date on your progress after the sdk is released

Creative210: I will Ex. thanks for the help, msg me wife and I are expecting so sure things are going to be a little tuffer but I can always make time. If it were possible you would be the only one to shoot me in the head in this really happened. LOL. Your lucky. hah.

ExGentleman: congrats, man. we'll play again soon

Creative210: My pleasure, expert only.

ExGentleman: of course

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