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Linux: Could Not Update .ICEauthority file

Posted by David  •  Aug 3rd, 2014 12:24:01 am - Subscribe | Mood: Tired | Music: No music

Below are the steps I took to troubleshoot my creation of the user: david and how I fixed the in ability to update the .ICEauthority file in /home/david/.ICEauthority

* Be sure you replace all instances with david with your username

Step by Step:
1. Begin by logging into root

2. Locate the home directory of the user that you wish fix. Example: cd /home/david

3. In some instances you may need to create the user directory as I had to. To do so, in the home directory type in mkdir david

4. Once the directory is created type in the following so that we can ensure that the user has ownership of the directory. chown david: david .ICEauthority

5. Logout as root

6. Login as your username

7. Success!

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