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Linux: How to Move All Content in One Directory to Another

Posted by David  •  Jul 7th, 2014 7:09:16 pm - Subscribe | Mood: happy |

This entry explains how to move all content from one directory to another directory with out copying the original directory itself.

Step 1: In this example I will begin by getting a file from the web. In the command prompt type:


Step 2: I will begin the extraction process, since the file is in a tar ball, we need to extract the contents. In the command prompt type:

tar -xf file.tar.gz

Step 3: Finally, we will move the extracted directories contents 'mydir' to the path that we wish the files to be moved to.

mv mydir/* /home/david/mynewdir

I know this is a 101 tip, but it never hurts to reflect on your command line beginnings. If you have questions leave a comment.

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