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List of Counter Strike Parody Videos

Posted by David  •  Sep 7th, 2006 2:32:16 am - Subscribe | Mood: tired | Music: DJ Tiesto - As The Rush Comes

Here is a great list of Counter Strike * Counter Strike Source Videos from various users on the internet. I suppose you can call them fans / fanatics of the game. I have ranked these videos from good to not so good. happy.gif

  1. Counter-Strike Short Film
  2. Counter Struck Video
  3. Counter Strike Parody Video
  4. Counter Strike Russian
  5. Counter Strike McDonalds
  6. Counter Strike Source Fake
  7. Counter Strike Spray that Glock
  8. Real Counter Strike
  9. Counter Strike Fabian Edition
  10. Counter Strike kempr strajk: 5.díl - lamovnik
  11. Counter Strike REAL
  12. Counter Strike Parodia

Hope you enjoyed.

External Links
The Official Counter Strike Video

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mdeleon Says:
September 09th, 2006

Congrats Man! Sounds really nice, and St. Joseph's is a great and beautiful church. In fact, I had my confirmation and many of my family's weeddings, funerals, etc.. have been there.


david Says:
September 10th, 2006

Michael are you talking about this entry. David & Priscilla Polanco Wedding Day? Wrong comment area. happy.gif

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