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Little David Polanco's First Geocache

Posted by David  •  Aug 25th, 2013 10:39:22 pm - Subscribe | Mood: happy | Music: No Music

N 29° 38.433 W 098° 37.683 | Accuracy 32 ft
UTM: 14R E 536002 N 3279014

This is my sons first Geocache, and mine as well. ('I'm Dad) We have added toy's, and a log book. Please if you take something leave something of greater or of the same value. My son think's we hid this as a treasure so no one can find it. Let's some Little David how Geocaching works happy.gif

Friedrich Wilderness Park lies at the southern end of the Texas Hill Country. The park is hilly due to its location on the Balcones escarpment that separates the Texas Hill Country from the flat South Texas region. I hope you enjoy this park as much as my family and I do. Address: 21395 Milsa Dr, San Antonio, TX 78256 Phone: (210) 207-5320

Lot's of leaves, and tons of tree's, something in this area just stands out to me.

GC4KWX0, Little David Polanco's First Cache

Thank you to mlhradio for the photo above.

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