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The Manges Punk Rock Band

Posted by David  •  Oct 24th, 2006 3:58:53 pm - Subscribe | Mood: punked | Music: The Manges - Blame Game

So yea, I started listening to this band called the Manges. If your like me and you like surf punk music, kinda like The Queers or The PeeWeas than the Manges are for you.

One of my favorite songs is Blame Game, its got suck and awesome old school Millencolin rock theme, with a splash of The Queers.

At there website you can download several MP3's of there's and even the video Blame Game. The website is all done in flash, so Adobe Flash must be enabled.

The Band

  • Vocals - Andrea
  • Bass - Mass
  • Drums - Manuel
  • Guitar - Richie

    Bands City
  • La Spezia, Italy

    Albums by the Manges
  • The Manges Go Down
  • Rocket To You! 93-03
  • The Manges 'R' Good Enough
  • Rocket To You! 93-99

    Manges Offical Website

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    tron Says:
    October 25th, 2006

    Hey David, this is a post re aeonity. Would it be possible to get a hit counter or something on individual blogs so we can see how often something is being read? Ta Tron.

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