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Martian Buddy Doom 3

Posted by David  •  Aug 10th, 2004 7:53:37 am - Subscribe | Mood: cozy | Music: Doom 3 Screams!

Martian Buddy represents the best in direct marketing advertisements. We are commited to providing all the best products to you, our customer. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter to learn more about our great products and services don't worry! You don't have to find us, we will find you!

If you are interested in becoming a part of The Greatest Company Ever Conceived, simply respond to any of our direct marketing messages and we will send you more information.

Our Latest Interstellar Marketing Venture Are you a winner? If you are the recipient of one of our promotional award cabinets, try the code 0508 now to see if you've won!

"Were you lucky enough to figure this prize out on Doom 3? If not check out Martian Buddy. You will notice in one of the cabinets there is a secret prize for you, if you enter in the code. 0508 Go check if your a winner!" grin.gif

I have also added this entry to my Emocium. Check it out!

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anonymous Says:
August 17th, 2008

thank you for my chaingun martian buddy.

anonymous Says:
September 21st, 2008


anonymous Says:
September 23rd, 2008


anonymous Says:
October 09th, 2009

BFG(Big F***ing Gun) rocks!

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