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M-AUDIO - Fast Track Ultra & Windows 7 Driver

Posted by David  •  Aug 18th, 2009 1:45:43 pm - Subscribe | Mood: bored | Music: Reggie & The Full Effect - L

Updated! - 10.11.09
Windows 7 64-BIT Driver for M-AUDIO Fast Track Ultra

So I decided to do some gaming today on the PC. I rarely do it...for the fact that I feel that I am ignoring my family while I proceed to frag the opposing team. happy.gif

Well today I found out that on my NEW PC that my M-Audio Fast Track Ultra audio / mini is not supported by Windows 7. I mean, sure I have the RPM and I understand that Windows 7 is not released...but what the heck. Shouldn't it at least work in compatibility mode with Windows XP? Dammit, what luck.

The error message that I receive is: This device is not supported by the Windows Operating System that you are running. Typical Windows error, but that's ok I guess. Seems as though M-Audio is working hard to release the drivers soon.

M-AUDIO - Fast Track Ultra & Windows 7 Driver:
M-Audio Windows 7 Drivers Status

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September 01st, 2009


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