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Microsoft Windows 64

Posted by David  •  Sep 15th, 2004 6:58:13 am - Subscribe | Mood: Sleepy | Music: Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is designed to address the most demanding business needs of technical workstation users who require large amounts of memory and floating point performance in areas such as mechanical design and analysis, digital content creation, and scientific and high-performance computing applications.

Now you guys can get a free download (1 year trial) from the Microsoft website. I figured I would go ahead and download & install the next time I format.

Click Here To Download Microsoft Windows x64 Edition

Alright guys Im heading to bed.

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mux Says:
September 15th, 2004

im going linux when longhorn comes out...damn windows will be looking for license information on the net as soon as that comes out from what ive heard.... just sounds like somthing i wouldnt want to do exactly...or i'll just keep XP....


marlene Says:
September 15th, 2004

Wow ...a whole year free trial, that's awesome, but I'm quite content with what I have. I do nothing serious on my computer anyway.


wade Says:
September 16th, 2004

Why would you use this if you have a 32bit procssor? For that matter, I don't think it will work. And if it did, it would offer no benefit over XP. But go ahead and try...

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