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Microsoft Windows 8 Developers to Code in HTML5 and JavaScript

Posted by David  •  Jun 14th, 2011 7:01:00 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: No Music

Windows 8 and HTML5

This entry states that Windows 8 Developers are to Code in HTML5 and JavaScript for a more graphically pleasing interface. Wow, this must really rub Windows developers the wrong way, but is it a time for WC3 standards? Let's discuses!

Microsoft has stated to developers if you wish to developer in a more immersive and Flashy front end, than you are going to have to code in HTML5 & JavaScript if you want those immersive apps that go full screen and stay in that experience you going to have to use HTML 5 and JavaScript.

Most of us are probably thinking right now. FINALLY! Microsoft is going to adopt standards into it's platform. But developers are saying, "we have decades of experience in .NET, Windows platforms, in Silverlight, and now you want us to throw away all of that? None of us have done scripting languages before!"

Microsofts rebuttal will probably be, HEY Developers! You can continue using .NET, Silverlight, etc, but everything else will be HTML5 and JavaScript coding for a more beautiful interface.

Your thoughts? I was so happy to hear about Microsoft going HTML5 to stay compliant, but now I understand all of those that are hurt by it. Is it time for a change? Does all software need HTML5 scripting? Who cares if the UI is pretty, I am more concerned with it working and functioning at 100%, but is this possible? I suppose we will have to wait for the Microsoft Build Conference in September for developers.

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