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Midget Mansion a San Antonio Local Story

Posted by David  •  Oct 30th, 2006 10:46:13 am - Subscribe | Mood: Happy Halloween | Music: Heart - These Dreams

A lady from San Antonio contacted me via email about Midget Mansion and wrote up a nice little story about her interactions about 24 years ago.

Here is her story
When I was younger, about 13-14 (24 yrs ago) me my brother and friends would drive around the city scaring ourselves....Midget Mansion, Ghost Tracks, Gillespie Mansion, Haunted Baseball Field and the Old Indian Fort...not sure on Donkey Lady (please if you know that it to me).etc.... The one thing that sticks out about Midget Mansion was a wine cellar. As you walked in the entry way winded and would get smaller and smaller...of course that freaked me out and I chose to wait outside. I do remember the pool being HUGE and the maids, servants, guest houses along the edge of the property. I remember after I got married and moved away (in 85-87) listening to news (lived about 400 miles north of SA) and hearing that a raid took place due to neighbors complaining about the cries of animals. Apparently some dumb teenagers who were self professed devil worshippers (dumb kids) were having rituals up there and due to the complaints the police raided, arrested and put up cement blocks to avoid more trespassing.

I do remember hearing most of the kids were bailed out by their parents (just a stage of rebellion was the excuse the parents gave as to why they bailed them out)...anyway.....when I came back for a visit a couple of weeks after the raid a friend and I drove by and you could clearly see tire tracks heading into the property (I'm guess that was the police entering and ambushing) and some tire tracks heading out. I was!

If anyone remember GECU Gillespie Mansion, from what I was told Mr. Gillespie (Gillespie Ford...etc...the car guy) owned these properties. Once his family out-grew the GECU mansion they moved to the other off of Horizon Hill and eventually moved from that after more builders moved in and started a new neighbor just to the borders of his property. It use to "county" but at the end, there were homes everywhere. Anyway......I just thought I'd pass on what I know and also ask.....did anyone ever go into the hallway, basement, or wine cellar? That totally freaked me! out...It's hard not to believe the spooky stories when I personally experienced that and have no justification for for the door knobs being low? I went post fire so I didn't get to see all the door knobs but from what I remember the granddaughter (we went to the same church..that's how I know this stuff) saying....grandmother was in a wheel chair and it was for her convenience. Happy Halloween!!!!! Please do not post my email....I'm all grownup, mom of 3 with one married. I was telling my teenage girls about spooky things I did as a teenager and this came up so my youngest looked it up and I found this site so I thought I'd share.....take care.

Thank you D.M. for sharing your information with us!

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