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Milani Polanco Halloween

Posted by David  •  Nov 3rd, 2004 5:58:09 pm - Subscribe | Mood: fantastic | Music: Dj Doboy - Trancequility Special Summer Edition 1

I promised I would add Milani's Baby Picture, so here you go. Milani was dressed up as a poodle this past Oct 31 04. She loves her costume so much!

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amigone Says:
November 03rd, 2004

aww that is adorable!!! plus, pink is the perfect choice!


framboise Says:
November 03rd, 2004

that is too cute... it looks like she's having a blast grin.gif
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mdeleon Says:
November 04th, 2004

Man, Milani is soo cute and she lookls even cuter with that costume. You are a lucky guy but she's also lucky to have you for a dad.


universe Says:
November 04th, 2004

You have a beautiful daughter. She's as cute as a button.


saint Says:
November 07th, 2004

Thats so cure I started talking in a baby voice... AHHHH!!!!!!! Must find.. some way... to reaffirm... manhood...


monica Says:
November 16th, 2004

That is soo cute. I want your baby!

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