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Muerte Villa Signed to Negativity Records

Posted by David  •  Aug 24th, 2006 4:22:12 pm - Subscribe | Mood: happy | Music: Muerte Villa

My friend Sam and his band got signed to a record label Negativity Records. Nice job guys. You can visit there my profile at Muerte Villa Myspace.

Negativity Records 8/24/2006
Spanish-speaking brutal death metal ensemble, MUERTE VILLA, from Del Rio, Texas have signed on for the release of their first album, due out in November. Expect bone-shattering brutality from these guys. Muerte Villa's subterranean drop-tuning and bone-shattering riffs make them rightful heirs to the likes of Suffocation, Obituary, and Brujeria, and Negativity Records is excited to add them to our roster.

Straight out of the of Del Rio, TX, Muerte Villa was created by its founders Marco and Chacho. Sam came in to play bass and the band was complete.

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