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My DSL w/

Posted by David  •  Oct 24th, 2004 4:54:30 pm - Subscribe | Mood: disconnected | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal Volume 10.

David Polanco SBCIm sick of it! I must say that for the past 4 years as a 'valued customer', I am now leaving the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, and Im going Time Warner Cable aka Road Runner.

Here are 3 reason why I am leaving swbell.

1. Disconnections
I am being disconnected about 5 / 6 times a day, and Im growing sick of it. Being disconnected from the internet is just as worst as your car stalling on the freeway.

2. Billling Problems
I talked with customer service and the sent a technician out. I asked if there was a charge, and the told me 'no', there would be no charge to my account. 1 week later I recieved my bill, and boom a $50.00 tech charge.

3. The merge w/ yahoo
Not that I care, but I if I wanted yahoo / sbcglobal dsl I would have signed up with yahoo. But, has merged with yahoo sometime back, and personally Im tierd of seeing the ads. -nuf said.

David Polanco Road RunnerSo in the end Im going to signup for Time Warner Cables Road Runner. The speeds are faster 20%, free install, and there is no contract. I will be joining sometime in December.

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