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My Personal Pet Peeve List

Posted by David  •  Aug 25th, 2006 10:32:07 am - Subscribe | Mood: peeved | Music: Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy

Here is a list of pet peeves that I dislike / hate.

  1. People that judge people by a list of pet peeves. happy.gif
  2. People that tailgate when your driving.
  3. Driving somewhere and having the sun in my eyes.
  4. People that do not flush the toliet in public.
  5. People that instant message me saying...remember me?
  6. Going to the post office for any reason.
  7. Going to the bank for any reason.
  8. People talking loud outside of my condo.
  9. Dust, I hate it with a passion.
  10. When lawn cutters cut the grass and blow it on my car.
  11. Kids, that dont listen to there parents.
  12. Parents, that dont listen to there kids.
  13. Kids that do not listen to adults, and parents that condone it.
  14. Internet users that take, take, take, and never give back.
  15. Having to talk to customer service people over the phone.
  16. The way the sun beats down on the front door of our condo between the hours of 4 to 6.
  17. Team killers when playing Battle Field 2.
  18. Spawn killers when playing Battle Field 2.
  19. When something breaks, and you try and replace it...but a new version is out, and you DONT WANT IT!
  20. I hate the RMA process at
  21. When people call at all hours of the night.
  22. People that interfere in other peoples lives.
  23. When people text you at all hours of the night.
  24. Texting, don't like it at all.
  25. I really dislike it when it doesnt rain when we need it on the property.
  26. People that are only out there to make peoples lives harder.
  27. People that test other peoples skills.
  28. The way I misspell words.
  29. Forgeting something at the store, and remembering when we get home.
  30. Not calling up my parents more often.
  31. Flying on a plane...the experience is horrible now.
  32. Leaders and officials that lie to only better there personal finance.
  33. People that capitalize on others inexperience.
  34. Dead links on the internet.
  35. Instant message spammers.
  36. spammers.
  37. Being lazy when having to work on a project.
  38. Knowing I have to lose weight, but not doing a damn thing about it.
  39. Losing track of time.
  40. Puting something away, and not being able to find it later.
  41. Unexpected company. (Other than friends & family)
  42. Having to go to UPS / FEDEX station to pickup a package.
  43. Cellphone connectivity problems in remote areas.
  44. Forgeting to watch a favorite show on TV.
  45. People that dont list prices on websites, stores, and infomercials.
  46. Business that always have a catch.
  47. Internet popups, rollovers, splashes, rollovers.
  48. Business that dont want to admit they are wrong. Please see Brake Check Sucks
  49. Customers expecting more than what they pay for.
  50. Websites that promise something, and never follow through.
  51. Hardware failure of any kind.
  52. Ants of any kind that feed on sugar.
  53. Dust. I dislike dust so much.

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anonymous Says:
July 09th, 2007


anonymous Says:
May 07th, 2008

you hate dust enough to include it

anonymous Says:
March 23rd, 2009

Dead links on the internet.
All the way, man! lol


david Says:
March 23rd, 2009

Dead links? Nopes. If so, where?

anonymous Says:
August 23rd, 2009

I like this site, I hope you don`t mind me leaving a few pet peeves myself, thanks just in case,
U2 is way overrated, the world has been brainwashed into thinking they have Beatle like talent,and New Country music, what the heck was so wrong with the old stuff ? at least it had a soul , thanks for allowing me to vent.

anonymous Says:
August 23rd, 2009

Pop Up`s, tailgaiters, ...

anonymous Says:
September 01st, 2009

Nurses who where their uniforms to and from work. It`s usually against facility protocols, and it brings germs to patients and germs from patients to the outside world, including your family members...showoffs...

anonymous Says:
January 09th, 2010

haha love them here are a few suggestions:

- relatives you had no idea existed suddenly come out of the woodwork and need a favor/money

- people who think global warming is a myth, i mean i like on the east coast of canada, it is now january, and it's feels like spring when it should be colder out

- religous people who are all in your face about it

- anti-abortionists who use religon as a reason without reciting anything from the bible to back themselves up

- religon

- people who don't take screaming kids out of a store/restruant

- women who are bitchy on purpose

- people who think emo is cool

- gangster rap

- white people who act like they're black

- kids under 18 having kids (whats wrong with peotection)

- anything I-pod

- goths

- skinheads

- rascist people

- vegetarians who juge people based on their beliefs

- girls that are into skinny emo guys that look like they can't even lift their own body weight

- cell phones being used in places that aren't allowed (i.e. school, work, movies) in a manner other than checking the time if you don't have a watch

- guys who put their wallet in their back pockets

anonymous Says:
March 13th, 2010

people who like to talk about there pets in front of you when you lost your pet

anonymous Says:
November 10th, 2010

I love these. (:

anonymous Says:
November 11th, 2010

People that interfere in other peoples lives...Couldn't agree more happy.gif

anonymous Says:
March 31st, 2011

lmao funny

anonymous Says:
April 23rd, 2011

i soooo agree with the people who get into other peoples lives especially a couple of kids on my bus they get on peop-les nerves. see yall later

anonymous Says:
May 19th, 2011

people who think they're better then everyone (perfect people) :S

anonymous Says:
May 20th, 2011

People who don't know how to use 'their, there and they're' properly!

anonymous Says:
May 22nd, 2011

I fought the dust and dust won! I literally gave up!

anonymous Says:
May 26th, 2011

Some of my BIGGEST pet peeves EVER.

People that eat food with their mouth open. Don't you just love the way food sounds when it sloshes together with other bits of food and saliva? Understandable with children, but adults, you just want to slap them.

People who slurp their food. It is the worst with cereal and spaghetti.

People who talk, just out load to no one but themselves or make uninteresting remarks, whilst watching a show/movie.

People who, after hearing a joke or funny comment whilst watching a show/movie, INSIST on repeating the last few words from the comment or punch line that YOU JUST HEARD. I am right here, I heard the comment/joke. You repeating it makes no more funny! In fact, it kind of ruins the experience.

anonymous Says:
June 03rd, 2011

I hate when people do not use correct grammar. For instance,using "there" instead of "their"in a sentence. Ughhh!!!

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