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Posted by David  •  Nov 7th, 2008 9:15:57 pm - Subscribe | Mood: drinking | Music: Gladiator - Techno Remix

I got bored so I figured I would revamp my boring old twitter page. Here I am on a Friday night thinking of people I should be with, but instead of being cool...I decided to stay in and do some work.

External URL:

  • David Polanco on Twitter

    I update my page as much as I can, more than myspace, facebook, and other social networks. You can see me on digg as David. Yep, I've been on digg for years. Ever since the first release that Kevin Rose announced on his blog.

    Well anyways, take a look at my twitter page and add me.

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    anonymous Says:
    October 09th, 2013

    Hi Ben, thanks for the tips! I'm going to add those to my cofing, both are very useful.As for the domain, that's a different Shane Cunningham. A quick WHOIS showed he's from Australia. -Shane

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