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Nazi Farm Located in San Antonio

Posted by David  •  Oct 11th, 2006 12:23:07 pm - Subscribe | Mood: scared | Music: The Suicide Machines - Our Time

Not many have heard of the Nazi Farm located outside of I-37 Highway in San Antonio. But I will explain what it is, and what I saw.

When I was was 20 years old back in the day my friend Nick Munoz and a bunch of friends took 3 cars to see the Nazi's of San Antonio Texas. At first I laughed at the idea, and as intoxicated as I was I didn't believe it one bit, and figured it as a waste of time.

Well, after we left Spanish Trace Apartments here in San Antonio we took a drive out I-37 Highway on the south east side of San Antonio towards Corpus Christi. We exited an unknown road, which to this day I wish I would have remembered. sad.gif All 3 cars entered a neighborhood that was only occupied of small houses on our right hand side, and to the left was a home surrounded by 10 foot high fences covering nearly 8 acres of land. What was odd, was that the house was located dead in the middle of all the land, and had red Christmas lights all around it. The house was a cabin like home, that was 2 stories with a front porch that spanned from once side of the home to the other.

Nazi Farm of San Antonio
So why is it called the Nazi Farm of San Antonio? Well if you drive down the road of small homes located on the right hand side, you will come to a dead end...which is the entrance of a the farm. The entrance of the farm looked like one of a cemeteries but with pillars of small Nazi Symbols on them.

We never went in to the farm area, for it was located by a large metal gate, as one of the resting dead, but we did in fact notice rows of irrigation and crops.

This was a really long time ago, nearly 7+ years. 2 friends of mine, took a trip to look for the location, but we were unable to find it. But I do know that it is located on I-37 either before or after Braunig Lake. Exiting left, as if driving south to Corpus Christi. I was also told that there was a Mexican Medicine man located on this street, but I can not be sure of that truth.

External Links and Directions
Google Maps to Braunig Lake Park

Questions? Comments? Information?
If you have anything to input please add below, I am really interested in locating the Nazi Farm outside of San Antonio. But with out help, this endeavor will take so much longer to find.

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  • Responses

    anonymous Says:
    July 06th, 2007

    Hello, I am not sure where the farm is located, but it may be that the signs that you saw were so old that they actually pre dated world war II and were not, in fact nazi swastikas. The swastika was commonly used in the US pre WWII as a symbol of good luck in the early 1900s and appeared on good luck coins at the world's fair, inside the nose cone of Lindbergh's spirit of St. Louis plane, and in the architecture of many buildings. It was also used frequently in native American art and designs. After Hitler adopted the ancient symbol for his Nazi party in WWII, it's meaning changed from a symbol of peace, good luck and prosperity, to a symbol of hatred. It could be that what you saw was intended to bring the farm good luck and was not a secret Nazi hide out. But I can't say for sure! There is an office building that I know of in Wichita Falls, TX that was built in the 20s and on the roof there are tile patterns with the swastika. Also, in Mineral Wells, TX there is an abandonded hotel, the Baker Hotel, (which I encourage you to look up on line for other ghost stories!), that you can find photos online of the interior and there is also swastikas incorporated in the design. The Bakere hotel's heyday was the 1910s-1930s, prior to WWII.

    anonymous Says:
    September 23rd, 2007

    What about the tro bridge in San Antonio?

    anonymous Says:
    April 07th, 2008

    the japaese used a reverse swastika for a symbol of good furtune.

    anonymous Says:
    March 03rd, 2009

    where is the tro bridge located. no one knows!!

    anonymous Says:
    May 02nd, 2009

    just another superstitious bullshit story! san antonio is notorious for them; the train tracks, donkey lady, midget mansions and so on...

    anonymous Says:
    May 02nd, 2009

    this is a lame attempt @ starting some kind of urban legend, that will have high school kids searching for a goddamn nazi farm!


    david Says:
    May 02nd, 2009

    Relax man it is true.

    anonymous Says:
    May 03rd, 2009

    True, very true. 37th south, exit Donop, then take the turnaround. No worries, David and I will be taking a drive out there very soon. Pics to follow.

    anonymous Says:
    May 07th, 2009

    Anybody ever hear of a house that was used by nazis during ww2 to spy on Randolph?

    anonymous Says:
    July 26th, 2009

    The home known as midget mansion was located near Vance Jackson and interstate 10. I have lived in San Antonio my entire life and I know where the home was. The other mansion on interstate 10 and Callaghan was torn down so that Lowe's could be built there. There was a lot of controversy concerning the huge oak tree which was bulldozed to build the parking lot for Lowe's.

    anonymous Says:
    October 22nd, 2009

    i have heard a little something about the house on the hill at the corner of judson and ih35 was used by the Gestapo to spy on randolph afb

    anonymous Says:
    October 27th, 2009

    I live near donop and have never seen any nazi farm or anything resembling your descriptiom.

    anonymous Says:
    November 28th, 2009

    I'm skeptical about this 'Nazi Farm' place. Although I'll take you word for it on the swastika decor. Since it was a very different symbol pre-Hitler many peoples worldwide used it, just as stated in the previous comment.

    I'll let you in on a bit of a secret: San Antonio did have ex-Nazi German scientists as citizens once.

    Google these names—

    Project/Operation Paperclip

    Hubertus Strughold

    anonymous Says:
    January 03rd, 2010

    there is a lot of ignorant san antonio folks

    anonymous Says:
    August 01st, 2010

    the REAL midget mansion was on medical dr. where the promontory pointe apartments now stand.

    anonymous Says:
    September 24th, 2010

    My husband had to do community service because of too many traffic tickets and they took them out to what they called "The Nazi house" which was located off of Hwy 87 on the east side. I thought he was just joking but he took me by during the day and it was a little creepy. The home is huge and it's red and white. Apparently they went into the home the day of community service and told them that a Nazi doctor used to live there. My husband said that every room had a fire place, which is a little weird for Texas and in one room there was a huge hole in the floor that was purposely there, not because the home was old. He's not one for "creepy" place and he said he had to get out of the house. LOL! He says that Salado Creek runs behind the home but I couldn't give an exact location. The city of San Antonio now owns the land. We're going to attempt to go out there again soon since Halloween is coming up. I'll post the correct address after our trip. Maybe I'll get off this time.

    anonymous Says:
    November 14th, 2010

    i know where this is exactly. my friend showed me and said when he was little that he sed to play over there and that the two pillars used to have an iron arch with two devils at the top holding a swastika but they knocked it down along with one of the pillars. David, if you or anyone else wants to see it send an email to

    anonymous Says:
    January 20th, 2011

    the one thats off i-37 is owned by chris faulkner. i have been there and know him personally and he is aa family man off of southton road at the end on the right. u have to go down donop to get to southton

    anonymous Says:
    January 27th, 2012

    Ive seen the Nazi farm, and yes, it does have the symbols on the front entrance. It's really creepy and I turned around asap!

    anonymous Says:
    March 14th, 2012

    Any updates? I am looking to find out more.

    anonymous Says:
    August 27th, 2012

    There were many pro-nazi and anti-jewish factions in the US before, during, and after WWII.
    During his "reign" Adolph Hitler kept a picture of Henry Ford on his office wall, he was an inspiration to Hitler for his model of productivity and efficiency which along with the industrial revolution Americans have absorbed to this day.
    Lindbergh (mentioned above) came out in many anti-jew speeches though the cause(s) for his
    perspective has been in some question over the years. There was an entire sympathy for Nazi Germany among a lot of Americans, and still to this day there are many darkly conservative and race hating forces here. Just the other day I heard on NPR an entire discussion about the number of right wing aryan and race hating persons and organizations in the US and they are very numerous. Look up also catholic Father Coughlin, once the most popular, AND pro Nazi radio personality in the 30s, something like 12 million listened to him regularly. Also on the outsides of the issue look up the history for example of the Bush family and Germany, you will find lots of info regarding CIA, Nazis post WWII, Richard Nixon, etc.
    Look up: Cia Dulles Nixon and/or Bush.

    anonymous Says:
    August 27th, 2012

    Oh yes, and I forgot. One of certainly the most influential people ever in modern history of the US, given the relevance of Neil Armstrong's recent passing, is Werner Von Braun, who led the US into modern rocket and space flight, and thus our fascination and consumption with the power (and cost) of the modern military industrial machine. My dad used to work among these people and he said that it was common knowledge that even in Germany in the 1940s, they were already figuring out how people would go to the bathroom in space. The US just made it possible. Also look up General Dornberger.

    anonymous Says:
    February 19th, 2014

    How about the GECU house? Remember it well. Midget mansion was a lot of fun to go to. We use to enter it off Fred Rd.

    anonymous Says:
    April 16th, 2016

    Around 1980 or 81 me and my buddy were out cruising one afternoon on our motorcycles. Our girls were with us. My friend exited 37 south and I followed. We got off at Donor Road went under the bridge and took the first street to the right. The road ended at an entrance to private property. There was a Stone Archway asthe Gateway. On each side of the arch was a SWASTIKA Carved into the stone. What was even More bizarre and I am surprised no one mentioned was the carving at the Top Center of the arch. In a Circle was carved the figure of a woman facing west or to the right. Directly opposite her in the same circle was carved a devil facing her. He had a pitchfork in his right hand and I seem to remember that he was holding his tail in his left hand . The tail was cloven. I returned with another couple a few months later to show them. It was getting late in the evening and was pretty creepy. I had never heard of a Nazianz Farm but had heard of devil worship going on in the area and actually had a very strange incident which involved a Bexar county Sherri unit pulling us over and warning us not to come back to the area.. This happened as we were parked in our car on the north side of the BRIDGE which was a party spot for a lot of southsiders. My friend had told us about the devil worship rumors and we saw 3 torches down along the river as if proceeding along atrail. The sheriff followed us for several miles before pulling us over. They had been poked on the far side of the bridge the whole time we were thete. There were 4 or 5 other vehicles also thete. Some of the people were out on the bridge. They saw something down by the river that caused them all to hurry to their cars and take off
    We were the last ones to leave. That's when the sheriff headlights came on from across the bridge. We sped up to get out of there. We told him about the devil worship rumors and he told us the torches we saw were three boys with lanterns down on the riverfishing. One deputy stood behind their car. Out of the light. It was really a strange incident. I went one night with my son out that esy. His friend lived on the same road. We drove down to where I thought the arch should have been but it wasn't thete. I recently tried to locate it on Google Earth but had no luck... I did see what looked like the spot where a rock fence could have stood before. When I get my truck running I am gonna go see if it's still there.

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