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A+ Network+ Certification

Posted by David  •  Mar 24th, 2006 9:29:34 am - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Reggie and the Full Effect - Take me home please

One of my co-workers got their A+ certification here in San Antonio about 1 week ago. The crazy thing is they did not have to pay $1500.00 for the class. Do you remember when I was seeking certifications back in January of last year? Well New Horizons wanted to charge me $3000.00 for two certifications. One in A+ and the other in Network+. $3000.00! Well getting back to my co-worker Roy, he got his A+ cert for only $300.00 from Career Point Institute. Aside from their not so good looking website and bad commercials, I think I may call in for information in regards to the 2 programs.

These classes should be a breeze. I'm even thinking about just taking the test. I will be sure to let you guys know how everything goes. Cya after a while.

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frost Says:
March 24th, 2006

A+ is easy. I don't have my certification but I could easily get it =) Hope you get the deal. Best luck.



mdeleon Says:
March 24th, 2006

good luck david and while you work on your A+, i'll work on my 2+2. Just kidding.

deathcab4u Says:
March 24th, 2006

Hope that works out for you! It is good to know the stuff, but having the paper to prove it helps in the competetive job market these days.

anonymous Says:
April 10th, 2007

Good luck. I just took the A+ this morning and I must say. It's easy as cake. If that makes sense. A few of my classes in college worked me towards getting the A+ which was helpful. Don't spend more money then you should on it. Classes are helpful, but its such an easy test I think a independed study would be fair.

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