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No New Templates

Posted by David  •  Jan 19th, 2004 11:45:40 pm - Subscribe | Mood: cold | Music: Schwarzende - Hell Or Heaven (Schwarzende Rmx)

Sorry guys but I didnt add any new templates today. I really felt like doing it earlier today, but I ran into some bad news and I really didnt feel like it after. I apologize. Maby tomarrow afternoon I will work on a couple, so keep checking back. Dont worry about my bad news guys...within a 10 month period things will be back to normal...Priscilla and I are taking care of it as I type. Well anyways. Keep blogging and designing your blogs.

Oh welcome our newest member Frost. Frost has been a hard worker with me on doing programming around, and soon to be Emo Blog. Cya guys tomarrow!

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