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Off the Top Barber Shop San Antonio

Posted by David  •  Mar 15th, 2006 1:15:01 pm - Subscribe | Mood: full | Music: Blink 182 - Don't Leave Me

Off the Top Barber Shop San Antonio
2710 Hillcrest Dr.
San Antonio Texas, 78201

Ever since I lived in San Antonio I have pretty much always had my hair cut at Off the Top Barber Shop. Well I take that back. Before I used to get my hair cut at the corner of Fredericksburg and Datapoint at this place called Rio's. I would not recommend that place to anyone, all they use are those damn buzz cutters and a comb. When I get my hair cut I prefer the scissors, but that's just me. Don't ask me why. After I scratched off Rio's from my list I then headed to Lackland Airforce base to get my haircut. They did a pretty good job, and the price was right...only bad thing is that it was about 20 minuites from my place, and if you know anything about me I really despise a long drive unless I am going out of town.

Off the Top Barber Shop has been cutting my hair since 1999. Their first shop used to be located on Fredericksburg across from Crossroads Mall. But they ended up closing that place down, becouse the rent for their suite became way too expensive. Now Frank, Mark, and Anthony are located on Hillcrest in a little shopping center. If you are ever in the area, pay their shop a visit. Anthony and the crew do an awesome job.

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deathcab4u Says:
March 15th, 2006

I don't get to Texas much, if ever >.< I might visit a buddy there someday though.

20 minutes is a regular drive when you live where I do. My school, my job, and all the cute girls live 20 minutes drive from me sad.gif

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