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Orange Grove Easter Vacation

Posted by David  •  Apr 17th, 2006 2:17:10 pm - Subscribe | Mood: sleepy | Music: Reggie and the Full Effect - Where's Your Heart?

This past weekend Priscilla and I headed to Orange Grove Texas for Easter weekend. We left Friday after I got out of work, and arrived in Orange Grove around 6:30 PM. Friday we mainly visited with Priscilla's family and just hung out and waited for her brother who was to arrive around 1:00 AM from Lubbock Texas. Well needless to say my bed time is at 10:00 PM and so at 10:30 PM I was asleep.

Saturday went well. I woke up late around 11:00 PM took a shower and got ready to head to the ranch in Sandia Texas. Priscilla's dad, Joseph, and Nick all wanted to go fishing and shoot the 22 but we got side tracked and we worked on the ranch instead. We chopped a couple of trees down for lumber, raked left over mulch, and moved two large stacks of bricks from one side of the ranch to the other. I was mainly doing the raking, while Priscillas dad did the hauling. Everything worked out really well, and it felt good to sweat and get some exercise. Later that night the girls brought us some chips & salsa, and from there we called it a day at the ranch. We got home around 7:00 PM that day and Jerry (Priscillas Dad) made us T-Bones. I had one, with a potato and salad. Joesph had one too and a potato, but Nick had three with three potatoes. It was crazy! After dinner we relaxed outside with a cool gust of wind coming from the north, then headed to bed.

Sunday was a lot like Saturday, but just less work and more fun. Jerry and I headed to the ranch and chopped more wood down, and unloaded all the equipment that we needed for the Easter Sunday Cookout. After all that was done, more people started to arrrive. Priscilla, Mary, Nicole, and later Bridget…grandparents, uncles, aunts etc. What was crazy is that Nick (Josephs friend from Texas Tech in Lubbock) was tearing branches all weekend like a mad man. I mean seriously this guy stands at least 6 foot 5 or so and like 190 err something. Well anyways I got it on video camera of Nick hanging from a branch to take it down, but poor guy ends up falling flat on his back. Lol. He was alright but you really need to see the video. College Kid Falls From Tree Branch I will be sure to upload and edit it tonight. Later Joseph, Nick and I went swimming in the Nueces River. For the most part it was pretty clean, but it had a slight current that made it kinda tuff to swim, but it was no biggie remember, I'm from Del Rio Texas, home of the Amistad Lake Swimmers. happy.gif

We left Orange Grove around 9:45 PM on Sunday and arrived home around 11:30 PM or so. We made excellent time. Well that was easter weekend in a nutshell. I had a really great time.

Video Link
College Kid Falls From Tree Branch

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mdeleon Says:
April 17th, 2006

sounds like a great Easter. Glad you enjoyed it with your family.

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