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Orange Grove Graduation Party

Posted by David  •  May 19th, 2006 2:13:38 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Beegees - More Than A Woman

Today my Dad, Priscilla, and myself are heading to Orange Grove Texas. (Priscilla's Hometown) We are leaving when I get out of work, hopefully if I can finish burning her Graduation Video to DVD. I swear the video is about 2 hours long and it's going to take two 4.5 gigs DVD's. Good old Adobe. Well anyways getting away from that techy talk, we should be leaving here around 4pm then get there around 5:30pm or so.

The reason why we are heading out there is because its Priscilla's Second Graduation Party. Remember we threw her a party here at Spyglass Hill, yea that was mainly for my side of the family from Del Rio & San Antonio. (kinda) Well anyways, Priscilla's Dad is throwing the party at the family's house. I believe he's getting a DJ and the whole works. Pretty cool. We should be back on Sunday afternoon / evening...I really hope we can go fishing or do something like that...we'll see if time permits.

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