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Purchase of a Dell Photo Printer 540

Posted by David  •  Aug 6th, 2005 12:25:00 pm - Subscribe | Mood: happy | Music: Dj Supaho - 90\\\'s Dance Mix

Dell Photo Printer 540Priscilla and I purchased a Dell Photo Printer 540 about 2 days ago. We went through some of the reviews and were very happy with some of the comments made. It cost us a total of $101.00 with a instant $55.00 coupon. happy.gif Here is Dells Description on the Photo Printer 540:

Photo lab quality 4x6 photos from a small portable printer with a low price. Fast, easy to use photo printer that works stand-alone with popular digital cameras or with a PC. Built-in multi-card memory reader with a "copy-to-PC" function that helps to easily manage your photos. View and select the photos you want to print on either the large adjustable screen, PictBridge enabled camera or PC. Photos are easy to share with the Dell Photo Print Pack. Every Print Pack includes Dell Premium Photo Paper and Dell Print Cartridge for exactly 40 prints. Prices per print are as low as 39 cents per page2. Print beautiful, long lasting, lab quality photos to share with friends and family. Easily manage supplies with the Dell Supplies Management System.

Interested in a Dell Photo Printer 540 have a look

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david Says:
August 07th, 2005

Actually its for printing pictures of our little girl Milani, and also for college stuff.

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