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Puro San Antonio

Posted by David  •  Jun 28th, 2009 3:24:17 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: No Music

Puro San Antonio is or could be or may be is a twitter, blog, news, or some other social media account that has sprung up in San Antonio.

Puro meaning pure, and San Antonio meaning San Antonio Texas. Puro San Antonio is all about San Antonio Texas, and from what I have noticed on such sites as twitter many users state many typical San Antonio events and situations that happen around in the city. Such as:

  • The person in front of me at HEB had: Diapers, Beer and a pregnancy test. #purosanantonio
  • random carnival in my n'hood.... that's #purosanantonio
  • When you see someone on their Iphone, while waiting at the bus stop, that's #purosanantonio.
  • I just had a barbacoa taco with Big Red, now that's Puro San Antonio!!!<--- YES!!

    This is some very funny and very stereotypical blerps. Good humor for those who have lived, or were born in the city.

    For more of this follow on Twitter Puro San Antonio.

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