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Resize - Free Batch Image Compression Software

Posted by David  •  Apr 10th, 2007 6:22:20 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Blink 182 - 09 - The Party Song

Here is some excellent image compression software whose file size is under 1mb, and gives you the ability to resize an image by percent, height, width, quality, or dimension. With the Resize Software you can also compress in a batch. Meaning, you can resize multiple images at once.

Resize allows you to resize a batch of bitmaps/jpegs or convert them to
jpeg/bitmap or both. This is useful for creating many thumbnails for a
website simultaneously. It is also useful for resizing frames before
creating animated gifs.

There are 4 ways to resize images. Firstly, you can resize by percentage,
which will resize all images by the same ratio. You can also resize by
height or width to make all the images the same height or width. The last
option is to resize the maximum dimension of the image to a given size
- i.e. if the image is portrait then the height will be resized to the given size and if the image is landscape then the width will be resized to the given size. Aspect ratio is always maintained.

Image shrinking is done using pixel-averaging, which gives much higher
quality than sub-sampling. Image enlargment is also done using pixel-averaging, unlike most other image editing software.

Each resized/converted image will be automatically saved to the same
location that it's original came from and given a prefix so that it doesn't overwrite the original. You can also choose to save the new
files to a specified location by changing the destination settings from the options menu. The prefix can also be changed.

By right clicking in the image file list, you can view that image or delete all selected images. Select multiple images by using the shift or control keys.

You can open the program with files already listed by selecting the files in a folder and dragging them onto the Resize icon or associating certain file types with Resize.

Resize now supports drag and drop from windows explorer. This means you can drag files directly into resize from a windows folder.

Now has an option to maintain EXIF data. EXIF data is information stored in the jpeg by digital cameras. If you maintain the EXIF data
the resized file may be larger than expected since it may contain an EXIF thumbnail image.

Changes since vesion 2.6:
Faster resizing - especially when resized by an integer ratio. Message telling you when processing is complete and where the images have been saved to with a link.


Download Link

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anonymous Says:
January 25th, 2008

GREAT - just saved me a lot of messing about! many thanks!

anonymous Says:
June 18th, 2008

doesn't work

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