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Resize from Geocities by Peter Bone

Posted by David  •  Oct 25th, 2009 3:29:25 am - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: No Music

Resize software by Peter Bone. I use to use this software back in the day. Excellent image software for batch resizing. I am posting this as an entry becouse Geocities is going down permanently on October 25, 2009. So to pay tribute I am posting this for everyone else to enjoy.

As stated from the website.
Resize allows you to resize images. Reduction is done by pixel averaging, which gives much better quality than sub-sampling. The program allows you to resize a batch of images and also convert to JPEG. This is useful for creating thumbnails for web pages or resizing the frames for animated gifs.

The resizing algorithm produces high quality images because it uses all available information from the source image. Most other image resizing software only use a small amount of information from the source image.

Download Resizer

Comments 4  •  Oct 25th, 2009 3:29:25 am - Subscribe  •  Tweet this entry | Post a comment


anonymous Says:
December 22nd, 2009

thanks for providing this. I use this pgm all the time. I love software small, simple and effective.

anonymous Says:
April 19th, 2011

Great small program - does what it says it "resizes" the pictures....


david Says:
May 16th, 2011

Sorry for the dead link. I have updated it today, enjoy everyone!

anonymous Says:
September 12th, 2013

Love Resize. Been using it successfully for years. Struggling to download it now - seems like all the software reselling sites have grabbed the links so any efforts I make to download it get confused amongst other 'Remove Dangerous Malware' type software that they obviously get paid to push.
is there a safe, clean site I can download Resize 2.7 from?

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