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Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Posted by David  •  Sep 4th, 2004 2:15:19 am - Subscribe | Mood: okay | Music: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Nancy Sinatra

Well my best friend Sammy and his fiance come down to San Antonio again. Woo. Tomarrow we are heading to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, we plan on spending the whole day out their well approx 8hrs worth or so. happy.gif I cant wait to ride all the roller coasters, were gonna have a blast!

I will see if I can up some stills on here once we get back. You can be certain I will be taking the digi cam with me! Also tomarrow (Sunday) we are heading tubing again on the Guadalupe river! We had so much fun last time, we are defiently going to do it (again)! Talk to you soon guys! happy.gif

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rendezvous Says:
September 04th, 2004

yeah.. my comp is workin a LOT better now.. smoother than its been in awhile.. all the viruses were detected and done away with.. thanks for the concern though.


david Says:
September 04th, 2004

Excellent Im glad to here that Crytal. I always try too keep my antivirus software up to date as much as I can. Heck I even have my firewall telling me when a new update is avalible. happy.gif


mux Says:
September 04th, 2004

hey doesnt sonny and cher sing this song?

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