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Synergy Project Get's New Domain Name

Posted by David  •  May 8th, 2014 7:32:49 pm - Subscribe | Mood: happy | Music: No Music

Synergy FOSS is now Synergy Project.

Hi there, it's been a while. I received an email from Nick at Synergy-Foss letting webmasters know that they have a new domain name He continues saying the reason is because nobody knows what FOSS is. (Free Open Source Software) He is asking that everyone updates they're links to

I have been using synergy for over 3 years now, and I'm a proud premium member who is happy to give back to the project. I mean, how cool is it to be on my CentOS machine, controlling a Mac, and Windows Machine that are on different hardware? Well that is the whole point of the Synergy Project.

Head over to Synergy and download it, and consider donating if you have the means.

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