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Text Spam from Walmart Shopper (949) 572-8428

Posted by David  •  May 22nd, 2012 7:39:37 pm - Subscribe | Mood: Unsolicited Mail Sucks | Music: No Music

This morning I received my first text spam ever.

The text stated the following +19495728428 (949) 572-8428 - Irvine, CA | 5/14/12 9:18 AM Dear Walmart shopper, your purchase last month won a $1OOO Walmart Gift Card. Click here to claim: www.Wmart* (quit2end) 9:18 AM

So being the guy I am I go to be page through a proxy only to find a page that is just a ploy for a referral for a Walmart giftcard / credit card.

If this has happened to anyone else please leave a comment so that we could possibly start a complaint page. If you have recieveind any other offers from the leave a comment and leave the number that automated the call to you.

As a reminder I created an entry that explains how to stop paper junk mail using your phone. Take a look at it if your tired with all the unsolicited mailings that you receiving via snail mail.

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