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Time Warner Cable iPad App Adds 7 New Channels

Posted by David  •  Apr 7th, 2011 5:59:21 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: No Music

Time Warner Cable iPad Notice

I received a notice from Time Warner stating that they would be releasing more channels to their Time Warner iPad Application.

As of April 7th, we're adding 7 new channels to the TWCable TV™ App for iPad™:

  • Oxygen
  • History en Español
  • Lifetime
  • Crime & Investigation Network
  • History International
  • Reelz Channel
  • The Biography Channel

    This brings the total number of channels now available to over 50, and we're working hard every day to add more channels to this unique application. You can see the full lineup here.

    We'll keep you updated as more channels and features are added, and you can keep up-to-date on the latest information at or

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    anonymous Says:
    April 26th, 2011

    The TWC app is a cool in house application. Now that they have gotten more of the distributors on board, I think everyone except Viacom, they shouldn't have to hard of a time with the new technology. Working for DISH for years I have seen the entire industry turn to the new technologies in a great attempt to stem the tide of cord cutters, and hopefully it is working. Only problem that I have with this particular app, is the fact its a mobile device that has to stay in the house to watch television. I choose to get a sling adapter, using the place shifting technology to stream all my TV channels that I pay for monthly to my mobile device no matter where I am.

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