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Today was a good day

Posted by David  •  Apr 8th, 2004 3:52:11 pm - Subscribe | Mood: thankful | Music: CPU Lab - Sounds of Computers running

Today I got to wake up late due to my day off. SWEET! Around 10:30 I took Priscilla to school, from there we I got myself a cool hair cut, and then after we reordered my business checks. So we headed to the bank (where priscilla works) and talked to rachael. Rachael said she would do the re-order and asked me if I wanted to keep my old checks. (which has my home phone number biggie, but was) and I told her yes. SWEET! Then after that cilla and I got some food then headed home. At home I called the maker of my business chair, letting them know that it had busted at the bottom. sad.gif They told me that it was gonna cost me 14.95 to ship it...but the part was free. I told them that 14.95 seemed rather excessive to ship the part...and she said that she would wave the fee for me. SWEET!

Well thats about it for now. Things are going really well. I hope tomarrow is totally like today.

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