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Tubing on the Guadalupe River 2005

Posted by David  •  Aug 1st, 2005 1:06:27 pm - Subscribe | Mood: great | Music: 311 - Love Song

This past Saturday, Priscilla, Wade, and myself all went tubing on the Guadalupe River. Just like last year, we had an awesome time. Their were so many people this year, compaired to the last. (But I guess that has to do with the side of the river we were on) Well anyways, there were lots of drinks, and lots of music. We all had a really great time.

Wade and Priscilla got a sunburn, as for myself I guess I suffered a slight bump on the knee. Not bad. Their were approx. 21 people in our group this year, who included Priscillas uncles coworkers and some of there friends. All wonderful people.

I will follow up with you guys later. Have a great week.

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perfect110 Says:
August 01st, 2005

aww that sounds like fun- glad you had a good time. perfect~


david Says:
August 01st, 2005

Yep had an awesome time, thanks perfect110. happy.gif


hushpuppy Says:
August 02nd, 2005

Wow, it seems to be really fun wink.gif Now I wish I could go tubing sometime too.

anonymous Says:
August 09th, 2005

hey david, just ran across your blog... i recognise the pic from i've been tubin there... great place! Is that where you and your group went tubin? i'm going next weekend with about 58 people... should be a blast! chow


david Says:
August 10th, 2005

Hey thats awesome, go register on this site ( Hope you have fun tubing.

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