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UTSA Wireless Internet Network San Antonio

Posted by David  •  Mar 8th, 2006 1:15:47 pm - Subscribe | Mood: sick | Music: Reggie and the Full Effect

UTSA Wireless Internet Network San Antonio

Today I've got to figure out how to use the UTSA Wireless Network. Priscilla is a full time student at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) so she is allowed to access the network using her SCF user account.

I visited the website and it stated to drop by one of the SCS helpdesks located in MS 1.03.06 and BB 2.01.20 and basic troubleshooting and assistance will be provided. I doubt that will be nessesary since the laptop can automatically locate an open or private connection. I wonder if there are certain ports blocked using UTSA Wireless Network.

Seems as though the web traffic on the wireless connection at UTSA is not encrypted. As stated...Traffic on the wireless network is not encrypted and can therefore be "sniffed" during transmission. Encryption of sensitive information will rely upon encryption methods implemented on the remote server such as SSL. Faculty and staff members needing access to sensitive resources via the UTSA administrative network will need to install and use the VPN client. I wonder what this means for the end users (students). I guess I will just arm the laptop with ZoneAlarm and set it to monitor and log the incoming traffic.

UTSA's Wireless Internet Homepage
Map of UTSA Wireless Internet Coverage

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frost Says:
March 08th, 2006

Zonealarm won't block packet sniffers. What a packet sniffer does is someone on the network monitors the network for what is being sent in and out. I would say do not make online purchases via that account as they can sniff your CC #. The only way to secure data transfer is VPN.



mdeleon Says:
March 08th, 2006

thats cool..although i don't know why they left it unencrypted. I've often thought about starting, help starting or proposing a wireless network in San Marcos. The city is pretty small so it's perfect size for a wireless network setup at different restaurants, city offices etc.., similar to this:


wade Says:
March 08th, 2006

Setting up the account at UTSA is easy. If you already have a password set up for the computer labs you are already set. If not go to the computer labs and ask for your password to be reset. You will need a utsa id. Then log into the computers at the lab and change your password. You have to do it there and not from your laptop. Wait 10 minutes and you should be good to go. You will be prompted for your id and password through your browser.

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