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Valentines Day, Cold and the Shakes

Posted by David  •  Feb 14th, 2005 12:16:57 pm - Subscribe | Mood: still sick | Music: Da rude - Sandstorm

It has now been approx. 2 weeks since I caught my cold and needless to say I do not believe things are getting any better. I have been drinking alot of fluids, taking medicine and getting alot of rest. (Reason being I havent been around Emo Blog much)

To occupy my time I have been working on a new template. Personally I believe it is a live journal rip off, but I re-coded it to make it Emo Blog compatible. Kewl.

So what else? Oh yea, Ive had my family over since Thursday (mom and dad) we picked up Milani at 4pm on that same day, and we hung out here at home. We would have done the whole shopping thing, but Milani, Priscilla, and myself have all been sick with this darn cold. As of now I have a cough, runny nose, and the shakes. Priscilla has the headache, and sore throat....and Milani has the fever and cough. If it was possible I would be happy enough to take all their symptoms upon myself, just so I could see the smile on their faces. happy.gif

Ill try and write more later, and by the way Happy Valentines Day!

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plue Says:
February 14th, 2005

the people here greets each other with "Api Balentayms Day." lol

ooooh cold. i'm a cold fanatic. lol water is the best remedy. wink.gif


marlene Says:
February 14th, 2005

Happy V-Day to you too!
You're right ...everyone seems to be sick. sad.gif


20_below Says:
February 14th, 2005

hey, your totally right. and yes my day hasn't been half bad. <3 thanks much. Happy Valentines Day !

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