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Video Card Pains & Dj Talk

Posted by David  •  Nov 6th, 2005 10:24:59 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal Volume 12

This past Saturday I hung out with David Reyes from work and we both hung out at his place for a while, then we went to the pole. Well anyways, later that day we went to Compusa and I got myself a ATI Wonder Elite TV Tuner Card, to make a long story short...its was terriable with crappy software. Today I took it back, and payed a diffrence for a Nvidia 7800 BFG PCI Express. To make a long story shorter...its was not compatiable with my PC becouse I do not have a PC Express Slot. Dur! I returned it, and got my $435.00 back.

Hopefully before January 2006 I will have my turn tables & mixer, Im seriously thinking about taking mixing as a hobby. Thankfully David will coach me throught the do's and dont's and even take me to a Dj Show in December. Well see what happends.

Anyways, talk to you guys later, gotta get up early for work.

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marlene Says:
November 07th, 2005

A Dj, exciting. Best of luck with that. Have fun at the Dj show in December!


dare Says:
November 10th, 2005

hey david my name is sonia thanx 4 ur coment..bye


rain_drop Says:
November 10th, 2005

thanks! i really like the colors too. night. ~rain_drop

anonymous Says:
November 13th, 2005

i don't think that you'll make a good dj. just kidding you know who it is rosie posie pudding and pie

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