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Virtual Builders Exchange - Virtual Plans Room

Posted by David  •  Nov 7th, 2008 10:49:40 pm - Subscribe | Mood: happy | Music: No Music

For many of those who do not know I work I Virtual Builders Exchange, an online plans room that provides content and news for the Construction Industry of America

Originally called the Builders Exchange of Texas, Virtual Builders Exchange is one of the United States number one providers of construction news for both Texas and the nation.

One of the many service's that they provide are many plans rooms, online plans rooms, private plans rooms, construction news, as well as leads.

The company is known for providing 'Solutions Out Side of the Box', meaning out of the loop of it's competitors. The company does not limit it's services in any way to members, or visitors. They are a solutions company.

Virtual Builders Exchange is known for it's up to date reporting, knowledge, and experience in the construction industry. The Virtual Builders Exchange provides both a state an National Service for not only those in Texas but those around the United States of America.

I proudly work in the Technical department, assisting members, production, and all that is in need of assistance with the Virtual Builders Exchange.

Corporate Information
San Antonio Plansroom
4047 Naco Perrin, Ste. 100 Phone: 210.564.6900
San Antonio, TX 78217 Fax: 210.564.6901

Houston Planroom
3910 Kirby, Ste. 131 Phone: 832.613.0201
Houston, Texas 77098-4151 Fax: 832.613.0344

Irving Planroom
8411 Sterling Blvd., Ste. 101 Phone: 214.687.9000
Irving, Texas 75063 Fax: 214.687.9003

Visit us at virtualbx

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anonymous Says:
December 09th, 2008

hi Mr david, i see this as a good site to follow for information on construction industry related US....i am a structural engineer myself. regards


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