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Welcome Priscilla Polanco

Posted by David  •  Jan 8th, 2005 4:20:00 am - Subscribe | Mood: very tired | Music: Zebrahead - Playmate of the Year

Hey everyone I just wanted to let everyone know that my better half (my wife) is now on Emo Blog. She is rarely on her computer, but with the help of you guys perhaps we can change that.

For those of you who do not know, or that are interested in knowing about Priscilla and I feel feed to read. If NOT than why not leave her a comment on her blog? Thanks!

Priscilla and I met in the Summer of 2002 back when we were training at Blockbuster. During that time I needed a job, and Priscilla was taking a break from school at Baylor in Waco Texas...well anyways we met, and fell in love. The Summer of 2002 was coming to an end and it was now time for Priscilla to leave back to school for another semester. We agreed that both of us would see each other on the weekends, and that she would come live in San Antonio after the semester. Well needless to say the semester was over in no time and we haven't seperated since! Great huh?!

Well if you guys get a chance go to Priscilla Polanco her blog and welcome her, thanks everyone! happy.gif

Did I mention today Im heading to the Zoo with Cilla and Milani?

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marlene Says:
January 08th, 2005

That's great, David! It's so nice to hear about two people meeting each other and it's so right. It's cool she's joining emoblog! happy.gif

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