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West Telecommunications with Whirlpool Corporation

Posted by David  •  Nov 1st, 2005 8:37:12 pm - Subscribe | Mood: tierd | Music: ATB - You\\\'re not alone

Working Employee at West Telecommunications with the Whirlpool Corporation

For the past couple of weeks I have been training (which is now over) at West Telecommunications. I will be working as an inbound customer service representative helping customers order parts for their Whirlpool Parts and Accessories. Other than that its been a great job, the only thing that I am not used too is going to lunch when told too, and Im not able to take personal calls inside of the building, not that I do. But I cannot answer my cell in the building which is highly annoying, escpecially when we have an awesome breakroom. Yea, the breakroom is equiped with a full fledge kitchen 2 high-end microwaves, 5 vending machines, 3 TV's 2 that have an Xbox and Playstation hooked to them...and even a huge Coca Cola refrigerator I mean huge width wise. Yea, great place.

I guess the pay could be better, but there are times when you can pickup Premium Hours and work at $12.00 per hour. Which is rather nice. The customer level is not bad, theres always your good days and bad ones. Its just the matter of time until I become l33t at the job, and pwnd. Well see what happends within the next few weeks.

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eternia Says:
November 01st, 2005

kitchen w/game systems? (although I wish it was a Pepsi tounge.gif) holy sh---t! lol! I don't think you could hook me up can you? XD

anonymous Says:
November 02nd, 2005

Hey David,

it amazes me the low rate of pay for that type of job, here in Northern Ontario a job like that gets you between $18 to $23 / hr to start plus bonuses. The sad thing is I know they don't have any xboxes. Keep plugging away man !


frost Says:
November 03rd, 2005

$18 to $23 damn I wish I made that much. Right now I make aroudn $15/hour for a federal government pay. I am excited about that. Although it barely gets me by I get by.

I bought Outlaws Golf 2 for XBox, great game.


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