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Where was David Polanco

Posted by David  •  Mar 4th, 2005 1:33:56 pm - Subscribe | Mood: hiccups | Music: Dj Doboy - Special Summer Edition Vol 2

Sorry I havent been online lately guys. Ive been having alot of network problems here at my place. Its taken me a total of 3 days to get everything configured, along with installing all the software I need to make my computer suitible.

So whats been going on around here? Ive been checking our emoblog's email everyday and responding, but has anything else interesting happened? I noticed that while I was awake we've had about 64 new members. Very cool, I hope they stay active.

I rented Shawn of the Dead the other night, I wasnt very impressed by the movie. But I guess its sorta Return of the Night of The Living Dead. I disliked that movie also. Well if you guys need help besure to use the contact form to get a hold of us. Happy Blogging

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crowsblood Says:
March 04th, 2005

You weren't? I never could tell. LOL! Just kidding . . I noticed you were gone.

Sorry about the network problems. Computers can be really annoying. I'd know, all I have are cheapy, old ones.

I don't wanna sound all military or anything, but I think we should have a rule for first time users. It kind of annoys me when someone signs up, but they never post anything. I think they should post an entry in a few days in order to keep their blog, so we know they're going to use it.

zukunft Says:
March 05th, 2005

hey david, you noticed the emoblog downtime of a few hours on friday afternoon (morning for you)? mysql error, too many connections...


david Says:
March 05th, 2005

Ah, that problem. Well get that problem fixed, thanks zukunft. happy.gif


missy Says:
March 05th, 2005

David! Oh my! I've missed you these last few days! =(( <3

anonymous Says:
October 09th, 2013

HA! Oh come on this stuff can't be THAT old! Er, can it??? I remember a coulpe of these performed live. Thanks for posting gives me visions of riding in the old Toyota at Wheaton with Sami, blasting Autumn War and singing along. Funny that I STILL remember all the lyrics. lol

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