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Windows 7 64-BIT Driver for M-AUDIO Fast Track Ultra

Posted by David  •  Oct 11th, 2009 3:43:23 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: No Music

Since I figured many of you were having this same problem I did with your equipment, I decieded to post this How to Install Drivers for M-AUDIO Fast Track Ultra Windows 7 64-BIT.

* Update 03.20.2011
USB Audio Series Fast Track Ultra - Windows 7 64-BIT
Fast Track Ultra 11/14/2009 6.0.2_5.10.0.5099 FastTrackUltra_6.0.2_5.10.0.5099.exe

Can you believe it? I finally got my M-AUDIO Fast Track Ultra USB to work on Windows 7 64 BIT. Here is what I did:

Windows 7 64-BIT Driver Installation for M-AUDIO Fast Track Ultra

  1. Download the Vista 64 BIT Driver from M-Audio
  2. Save the download: FTU_V64_5_10_00_5099.exe file to your desktop
  3. Right click on FTU_V64_5_10_00_5099.exe
  4. Go to properties
  5. Go to compatiability tab
  6. Check mark Run this program in compatibility mode for:
  7. Select Windows Vista
  8. Under Privlege Level, check mark Run this program as an administrator
  9. Click ok
  10. Now proceed the installation of the driver

Pretty cool huh? No need to wait for M-AUDIO to release the fix for there installation wizard!

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anonymous Says:
October 14th, 2009

Is there a 64bit driver for the MBOX 2 yet?

anonymous Says:
October 15th, 2009


thanks a lot...

anonymous Says:
November 02nd, 2009

Your a genious b, Thanks a lot

anonymous Says:
November 07th, 2009

Very good!

anonymous Says:
November 11th, 2009

Fuck a duck !
Are the guys at M-audio wank all day or what ?

anonymous Says:
May 09th, 2010

theres now a driver for win 7 64 - m-audio . com /index.php?do=support.drivers&f=1064

anonymous Says:
June 17th, 2010

this didnt work for me. What am i doing wrong?

anonymous Says:
November 15th, 2010

didnt work anyway.. damn

anonymous Says:
December 30th, 2010

Jesus! I hate technology!

anonymous Says:
March 20th, 2011

I had no success either with this technique.

Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-Bit,

anonymous Says:
December 26th, 2012

it worked, thanks so much!

anonymous Says:
August 28th, 2013

me ajude, nao consegui\\

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