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Wings N More Video - 8203 W IH 10 San Antonio Texas

Posted by David  •  Sep 20th, 2006 8:07:30 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Enya - Now We Are Free

Wings N More
8203 W Ih 10
San Antonio, TX 78230
(210) 384-8587

Everytime I go here I am always satisfied with the food. I guess theres only been maybe a handful of times where I wish I had more wing sauce / ranch dressing as asked, but to no prevail...lso the fries can be rather soggy.

Anyways Wings N More is a really awesome place to eat and have a couple of beers after work. So with all that great stuff in mind I was rather upset to find out that Kitchen Cops from WOAI invesigated the resturant along with Health Inspectors....only to find out that Wings and More failed. sad.gif

I have added this video from WOAI.

External Link
Wings N More San Antonio Texas Video in Full Screen

Worst Score of the Week Wings N More 8203 I-10 West

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alienanchovies Says:
September 24th, 2006

awe sick
looks like im sticking to wing stop

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