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Working Long Days at West Day 10

Posted by David  •  Dec 1st, 2005 10:34:14 pm - Subscribe | Mood: sleepy | Music: Akira - Piece Of Heaven 2004

Everything today was focused on internet order placement. Some people are even staying till 10pm placing internet based orders. Its nuts. There is no way I would stay from 7am till 10pm every other day. I dont think I could handle the tedious copy and pasting all day.

Tomarrow is Friday! I plan on only working from 7am till 4pm or so. Priscilla, Milani, and I are heading to Del Rio for the weekend to spend some belated Thanksgiving Holidays with my parents. Unfortunatly my grand dad got sick, so we had to post-pone our visit for the time being. It will be nice to see some family and friends in D.R.T. now if I can only make it through my workday tomarrow. happy.gif

(Only 5 work days in each week, but I worked 1 Saturday and make it 11) This coming up paycheck is gonna be great, I cant wait to spend it on all the right things.

Well anyways thanks for reading my blogs this week guys.

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marlene Says:
December 02nd, 2005

Have fun this weekend!


david Says:
December 02nd, 2005

Yep pay day is awesome, cant wait till this Friday. Thanks Marlene, well do.

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