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Working Long Days at West Day 12

Posted by David  •  Dec 5th, 2005 10:04:40 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music: Clannad - I Will Find You

Today was one of those long Mondays. Especially since I made it longer by staying till 8pm, an extra 4hrs. Today we were working hard on staying on top of email, but many of our helpful responses are yet to be loaded.

Tomarrow I plan on getting out at an earlier time. Perhaps I will stay till 6 or 7, but its not likely. I think Im slighly burned out from my job at Whirlpool, but Im sure when I get this next pay check I'll be right back on track.

I miss my wife Priscilla so much. Thanks for always supporting my long work hours. happy.gif

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deathcab4u Says:
December 06th, 2005

Keep up the hard work! Don't get too burned out. How is Emocium going? I may just go check it out myself right now. Be happy with your next check!

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