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Working Long Days at West Day 4 & 5

Posted by David  •  Nov 25th, 2005 5:40:37 pm - Subscribe | Mood: alright | Music: Akira - Piece Of Heaven 2004

Worked today from 7am to 5pm. Yea, I didn't stay the extra 3 hours today mainly because I felt I really didn't need to. Got my check today for the last 2 weeks, it was pretty good. But these next couple of weeks my checks are gonna be banging.

As for yesterday we had it off because of Thanksgiving. Priscilla and I spent it over at David Reyes' home, with his family and friends. Really great time over there. Excellent smoked turkey. So yea, no work for Turkey Day.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm gonna pickup some premium hours from 8am to 12pm, yea just 4 hours but the rate of pay is $12.00. That will help my overtime. Making it 54 for the week. Perhaps I will stay till 4pm that is if Priscilla lets me and all. happy.gif

Anyways, just wanted to say Happy Turkey Day to all, and have a great weekend.

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