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Working Long Days at West Day 7

Posted by David  •  Nov 28th, 2005 10:53:59 pm - Subscribe | Mood: sleepy | Music: Millencolin - Random I Am

Today the work just stacked up. Not that we were behind in the first place, but because over the weekend we get about 800 to 2000+ emails that need some type of response and direction. Currently we are 1 day behind on email and we are allowed only 3.

Since we were catching up on email this left us with only 4 hours to do credits. Well needless to say those 4 hours are not enough hours in the day to do 55+ credits. happy.gif So yea that was day 7; we're catching up with inquiries & orders in the internet department.

Today Priscilla and I watched The Amityville Horror. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, especially since Time Warner would not let us purchase it using Movies on Demand. You suck Time Warner. (Dang courtesy accounts) Anyways, the movie was great. Typical Amityville Horror, crazy father tries to kill family...but with more plot and more understanding of what the heck is going on.

Time for bed. Talk to you guys when I get out.

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