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World of Warcraft Funding

Posted by David  •  Jan 10th, 2005 11:49:26 pm - Subscribe | Mood: wonderful | Music: Dj Doboy - Vocal Volume 4

I just sold my second World of Warcraft game on Ebay and made 86.00 I started the bidding at 65.00 and it was not till the last 15 minutes when everyone started bidding like crazy. Its a funny thing too, if these guys really wanted the auction they could have done the 'buy now' and won it immeditaly. O'well, congradulations to both Ebay Users bchase002, and sine99 for their fast payments, and excellent communication.

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bludislove Says:
January 11th, 2005

Wow, Ebays great isn't it? Who's this Dj Doboy you've been listening to?


wade Says:
January 12th, 2005

The best way to bid is at the last possible time. That is why many people do it that way. For some reason if people see others bidding, they think it is a good thing and bid too. Ebay even talks about this under the selling help section.


david Says:
January 12th, 2005

Agreed. I utilize (at times) third party software to help win auctions.

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