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The Creek Drank The Cradle

Mar 5th, 2005 2:04:01 pm - Subscribe

Yesterday was a blast. Aaron's party was really fun. We all went to Mandy's at four and hung out and stuff untill mindnight. I was rather tired by then. I bought Aaron an Ataris CD. I think he will like it. I couldn't find the Postal Service or Alkaline Trio at Borders and I told Mandy she could get him a Death Cab cd so I didn't know what to do. I think he liked it though, that makes me happy happy.gif.

Seeing as how I was a t borders, that means I obviously had to buy music for myself too. It's buy three cd's get one free! So I also bought an Ataris EP-Look Forward to Failure and Straylight Run. My most revered purchase though was my new Iron & Wine album, The Creek Drank The Cradle. Wow, is that cd amazing. Seriously, I love indie folk. I almost bought Damien Rice, but it was kinda expensive as far as cd's go. I don't spend over $15 dollars on a cd.

So then I bought a new coat too! It is canvas and water reistent(thats so I don't get wet when people spit as they talk). But it looks really cool for a $20 jacket. I bought a tie too, a solid red one, it's really cool. I now have a cool tie to wear with my black shirts. Hmmm, thats it about me i think.

Well, not so sure what I'm gonna do today. I better put new music on my Mp3 player and take off some of the stuff I never listen too. It's good, I just don't listen to it on my Mp3 player. Hmmm...I feel like a little boy right now. I called Laura but she wasn't home, so now what? Just call back later tonight I guess. Yeah...silly head of mine. I guess I better go finish the dishes, mom's being rather assertive today. She didn't evev say good morning...she just said 'Kitchen.' Kinda pisses me off when she acts like that, like I've already done something wrong and shes mad. I wish she knew how to be more polite sometimes, she acts like that and gets offended that I was offended. But today instead of being snarky back I just said 'Okay, how are you this morning?' and I think it reminded her she was sounding like a bitch and that there was no reason to sound the way she did. Well, It always takes me awhile to not be angry when she is pissy before the days even started. But I'll be okay. Just have a nice slow day. Listen to the three new cd's, and Laura's showtunes cd as many times through as I can before I go to bed tonight. My family is going to a movie at me plenty of free listening time.

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