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New Hat

Dec 21st, 2004 11:34:10 am - Subscribe

I went shopping, and bought some gifts, for others, for on. I got a new hat, pretty neat. Like a grandpa hat. Then I got a new haircut, and a reason to wear the hat, she thinned it out way too much. damn her. and one sideburn is about half an inch shorter than the other, but they were bothe supposed to be about the same length, a touch longer. Well, it will all grow back in a month os 2 or 3. gah. I know that eventually I will find someone who knos how to cut hair good. For starters, Im never getting a $10 haircut again. And I am going to find someone who will follow my rules. And someone trendy to have a clue about whats 'in.' Geez, lame ass bitch. And i didnt even have time to get it fixed, of course fixing it would be adding some hair back on, not taking off even more. And...if you havnt figured it out yet, I love my hair, very important to me, I really am bummed. Im getting used to it, but it doesnt hang in my face anymore and I cant ignore people by letting my hair in my eyes. Well, itll grow, and I have a sexy hat. What more could I ask for...crap. I think Im gonna try to call my girlfriend. Speaking of what else I could use....hmmm, maybe shes not busy tomorrow. wink.gif I miss here...gah, why did I have to think about I really want her, I was perfectly fine! But...the 9 party is soon. So Ill be okay tonight. Surrounded by friends.
mood: loved/loving/longing
I hear: Rilo Kiley....amazing!
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